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Hello Fellow Browns

Hey, I am Pekky, a 25 year old Latina from Columbia South Carolina (Actually born in Venezuela). My favourite bands can be found in my interest lists, but to name a few, I will mention Peter Gabriel, Bjork, The Smiths/Morrissey, Stereolab, Massive Attack, Interpol, Macha, Broadcast, Piano Magic, Tarwater, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Tom Waits and Peter Hammill... AND OF COURSE: Amigos Invisibles, Karsh Kale, Talvin Singh, Cornershop, State of Bengal, Joi, Talvin Singh
Among my favourite brown people are: My Arab, Indian and Latino friends.
I don't know if Brown Race refers only to "Desi" here, but I have a lot of Desi friends... Alsso I am Latina, and I have Latino and Arab friends (These races are considered "Brown" too, by American standards)... I wanted to meet Indie brown people, because I have not met too many off-line (In my city, that is) and Columbia is too little, I guess, to meet other than whites in the indie scene (It is also kind of why I am a member of _latinoclash)

I am also a college radio DJ in That much I love India music!

And now

The Indian Brown Friends (these are my closest in my college)

Arab and Latino

More Arabs

Fellow Latinas
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