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Yes, We do Exist.

A.K.A Indie_Minorities

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This community is for ethnicities that associate themselves with the "brown culture" and for appreciators of the elusive "brown" scene. After noticing in every day life that there is a rare occurence of the brown persuasion in the "scene", I decided to form this community. This is NOT a political community. Although members of these communities are inherently political, this community is only for discussion on or related to the minorities in the predominantly white "scene". You DO NOT have to be "brown" to join this community! Post pictures, art, music, stories, etc. Members can discuss anything from actors to fad diets, how much you love your brown indie friends, it's pretty laid back, but members are not allowed to:

-Start shit with other members.
-No drama. Enough said.
-Don't start up with politics. We personally are political, but choose not to design this as a political community, as people get fired up, or even worse; people get snippy. Booo
-Forget LJ cuts. If you have time to discuss how much you like Prince or something, you have time to LJ cut.

We (class_and_sass and xviolenciax) want to make this an active but low maintanence community, so we will be posting something every week where members have a chance to comment and be a smart ass. Have fun, heartbreakers!

When entering this community, please submit the following information:

1) Name, age (birthday), location
2) Ethnicity (always optional, but always an interesting fact)
3) List some of da bands dat you lyke (keep under ten)
4) List some of your favorite brown people (famous or not)
5) Why you've chosen this community
6) Anything else to impress us (including pictures, bribes...or chocolate)

To promote this community paste this:
title or description

and just type the ol' LJ link tag for brown_indies