Vegan XjoshX (xmakibakax) wrote in brown_indies,
Vegan XjoshX

So, so brown in PA.

In three days I will be flying out to Pennsylvania. My band, Our Turn will be playing at this year's Posi Fest. I expect to be one of the few Pilipino Americans amongst the sea of white folks.

Anyway, what's crackin?

Name, age (birthday), location
Joshua, 24, San Francisco bay area

Ethnicity (always optional, but always an interesting fact)

List some of da bands dat you lyke (keep under ten)
[1]Elvis Costello
[2]Carry On
[3]From Monument to Masses
[4]Jenny Choi
[5]Uniform Choice

List some of your favorite brown people (famous or not)
[1]Sergio Robledo-Maderazo
[2]Prof. Dan Gonzales
[3]Dr. Allyson Tintinagco-Cubales
[4]Prof. Dan Begonia
[5]Dr. Dawn Mabalon
[6]Jose Maria Sison
[7]Danongan Kalanduyan
[8]Jesse Gonzales

Why you've chosen this community
For shits and giggles.

Anything else to impress us (including pictures, bribes...or chocolate)
I can cook vegan adobo. Currently working on a recipe for vegan diniguan.

huwag matakot.

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