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Wed, Oct. 6th, 2004, 04:22 pm
October 22, 2004 FRIDAY
Benefit show for KUMASA (Kulturang Ugnayan ng Makabayang Sining
Anakpawis) or (Cultural Linkage of Patriotic Arts of the Toiling
Bindlestiff Alley
505 Natoma corner 6th St.
(between Howard and Mission)
San Francisco, CA
All Ages! Early Show!
$5.00 donation, doors 7:30pm, show 8:00pm
Eskapo, Our Turn, Lost In Amerika, Myth of Progress
* presented by piNoisepop Music Festival in celebration of the fil-am
history month

Plus documentary film "There's Blood in your Coffee" Nestle Workers
Documentary (Run time: 23:24) by the Southern Tagalog exposure
(people's center for progressive media) & PAMANTIK-KMU.

Amidst the Supreme Court rule favoring the Union, the Swiss company
that owns Nestle would not give into the just & legal demands of the
workers. For over 2 years, workers of Nestle factory in Laguna,
Philippines has been on strike . The struggle for their rights have
been met with repression not only from the multi-national company,
but also from the Philippine goverment....sometimes subtle, often
time violent.

KUMASA is an alliance of cultural organizations and individuals among
the trade unions in the Southern Tagalog Region in the Philippines
engaging in mass campaigns and struggles. With members from the trade
unions and the working class, KUMASA has played an active role in
presenting the issues and aspirations of the oppressed and exploited
classes thru education, propaganda and organizing work in the
cultural field.

The Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP) educates,
organizes, and mobilizes Bay Area communities to promote human rights
of the Filipino people.

Eskapo in Tagalog means refugee or escape. Eskapo was the name of
Political prisoners who escaped Pres.Ferdinand Marcos's twenty year
regime . Eskapo is a melodic political hardcore band with lyrics in
Tagalog and English whose home town is Vallejo CA.. Our music has
been described as an energetic mix of Stiff Little Fingers meets Los
Crudos with a nod to Pinoy punks band of old like WUDS,Yano and
Philippine Violators. We appreciate anyone who gets into our music
and the message of unity and peace that we portray . If you see us
smoke us out or buy us a drink because we will pay the favor back
eventually .

Our Turn
San Francisco's Our Turn have been together since early 2003 and have
a demo entitled "Step Aside" (now available on vinyl) plus a couple
of compilation songs under their belts. Currently, they are recording
their debut 7"/MCD for Youngblood. Our Turn hope to tour the East
Coast this summer after they play this year's Posi Numbers.

Telling quote: "I don't want to reinvent the wheel. This may be
simple, but at least it's real."

Through many serendipitous meetings and occurences, four kids that
loved hardcore laid the groundwork for a band in an SFSU dorm room.
After going through many bad and cheesy band names, they settled on a
name which reflected an attitude of progressive thinking, non-
violence, and respect for the rich history of hardcore punk.

They recorded a 7 song demo (which was released on cassette) at the
now legendary Dutch Oven in Pleasanton.

With the help and hype of folks such as Craigums, The First Step,
Sean Youngblood, Joe Onlife, and MANY, MANY MORE, the O-Tizzle has
been able to play a gang of great local shows, tour the east coast,
play a few awesome hardcore fests, and release a 7" version of their
Step Aside demo as well as a 7"(Catch Your Breath) with Youngblood

Lost In Amerika
Lost In Amerika is a four piece , female fronted hardcore band from
LA . LIA has ben described as Walls Of jericho meets Philippine
hardcore with harsh , hard to listen to vocals and crushing grooves
and breakdowns . They a have a five song demo out called "Cotabato
Bombing" and will be available directly from them or at their shows.


October 23, 2004 SATURDAY
Bindlestiff Alley
505 Natoma corner 6th St.
(between Howard and Mission)
San Francisco, CA
All Ages! Early Show!
$5.00 donation, doors 6:30pm, show 7:00pm
Golda Supanova, Brownsugar (LA), Pidgeon, Pedro Gil (LA), The
Skyflakes, Gran Via

* presented by piNoisepop Music Festival and in celebration of the
fil-am history month
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