subdropasphyxia (subdropasphyxia) wrote in brown_indies,

a marvelous introduction

1) Name, age (birthday), location: lindsey, 16 (may 10, 1989), Cordova, TN
2) Ethnicity :puerto rican/japanese/irish/black(somalian)
3) List some of da bands dat you lyke: clinic, metric, atmosphere, les savy fav, fischerspooner,placebo,broken social scene, billie holiday,regina spektor,chromeo
4) List some of your favorite brown people: john balicanta, pitbull, john cho,sarita choudhury
5) Why you've chosen this seemed interesting to me, and a place to bond
6) Anything else to impress us: ....i'm not very impressive....ummmm?...the only thing remotely interesting in my opinion is that i'm vegan and my favorite place to eat is a deli four blocks away....and uh...i speak five languages
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